How to select a dry cleaner
Most people probably select a dry cleaner first for convenience. The store is nearby, the hours mesh with your own schedule and ability to drop off and pick up, the turnaround time is reasonable. Bringing in the next batch of garments may be based on having been treated well by the people behind the counter, paying a fair rate for the service received, and getting your clothes back looking better than they did when you brought them in.

Although those are primary factors, you may have special needs: delivery, alterations, or wanting to have laundry and cleaning done in the same place. For your finest or most important garments such as a wedding gown or a suede jacket, you may select a cleaner known for providing specially finicky care, even at a premium price. Or you may have a comfort factor in knowing that all work is done on the premises, so there's no chance of your clothing getting lost in transit.

There's another way to build your comfort factor, and that is to select a cleaner who is a member of the Illinois Professional Drycleaners & Launderers (formerly Illinois State Fabricare Association, ISFA) and its affiliate, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (formerly International Fabricare Institute, IFI). IPDL/DLI members have taken the extra step to enhance and demonstrate their professionalism. They get the benefit of up-to-date information, access to training programs in newly introduced systems and technology, and opportunities to meet with similarly committed peers to share best practices. Many IPDL/DLI members have gone the extra mile beyond being part of their industry's most prestigious organization, but have studied for certification and/or achieved the Award of Excellence.
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